Dietrich Kessler Bass for Trade or Sale

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Kessler Bass Viol made in 1968 by Dietrich Kessler in London with case and bass bow Salchow. All is in excellent condition. Viol is currently set up as a six string but can easy be converted into the original seven string viol with the included nut and bridge. Sound is very powerful, especially with the bow that compliments the viol very nice. Setup being traded as is.

I am interested in trading for a modern cello setup with case and bow. The price of the viol, case and bow is set at $ 20,000 - Located in northern Vermont, USA. Documentation of the history and repairs done over the years is available.

Interested Parties may contact me via email at michael<dot>doring<at>me<dot>com

VdGS-NE New England - Dietrich Kessler Bass for Trade or Sale